Demolition Services

Floor Removal

Floor Removal

Handled by our expert staff, our specialized floor removal equipment eliminates the toughest floors cleanly and efficiently without damaging underlying surfaces. We’ve done ceramic tile, carpet, wood, VCT and more.

Ceiling Removal

Our demolition teams are able to handle a myriad of ceiling removal demands including drywall, plaster and acoustic ceiling tile.

ceiling removal

Dust Protection

Dust Protection

Worried about the dust and mess of demolition? We offer clean room demolition to ensure your building and neighbors aren’t affected by our work.

Millwork Removal

No matter what is left behind, we can clean the slate of your office through millwork demolition, removal and hauling. We’ve done desks, cabinets, countertops and more.

millwork removal

Torch Cutting

torch cutting

Our oxy-fuel welding equipment provides us with the most powerful and flexible metal cutting options, meaning there is no task out of reach.

Glass and Storefront Demolition

Delicate jobs call for delicate hands—glass and storefront demolition can be done quickly with little mess by our trained professionals working with care.

Glass-Storefront Demolition

Drywall Removal

drywall removal

Attacking drywall is tedious and messy, but Gorilla has the tools and the patience for heavy-duty cleanup.

Equipment: Scissor Lifts

Large scale, high and hard-to-reach places call for one of our lifts, allowing Gorilla Demo teams to safely do demolition whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Equipment-Scissor Lifts

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